Sunday, October 14, 2018

Classes, Coupons and a Giveaway!

If you aren't familiar with Sandy Allnock, you should go check out her talent! I just wanted to bring your attention to the grand re-opening of You will find a great variety of professional and helpful courses, along with coupon codes for a discount, and a giveaway!

Coloring is a talent I am really trying to learn, but can't seem to really master. I always finish the project and think it looks like a 4 year old was playing with my markers haha! Here is a my first card using my Prismacolor markers (hoping some day to have some Copics!)

I have also started Bible journaling recently, and it might be a really good time for me to finally take the leap and sign up for a class. Here is a page from my Bible. I actually did journaling on this page and the next, and the lines bled through a little. I think I need a Bible that is actually designed for journaling. One with wide edges, thick pages, and spiral bound to lay flat, would be ideal!

Go take a look, save some money with those coupon codes, and try for your own chance to win! What classes are you interested in? @artclassesdotcom

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Saturday, September 1, 2018


I hate to waste paper. I keep any scrap of paper bigger than 1" x 1" square! After a while, I have a LARGE box full of scraps, and then I use them up with a bunch of simple cards. I have been making a large stack the last few days, and then I purged all the small scraps leftover, so I can start all over again.

Thought I would just share all the cards with you for inspiration.

That's a wrap! Some of the photos aren't so great, and there a few duplicates. I laid them all out and started snapping pics to share easy ways to use up some paper scraps. Hopefully you can get a little crafty time in over this holiday weekend, as you rest from your normal labors. Making cards is relaxing, and can be easy to do. Don't be intimidated by all the mixed media projects you may see. Card making doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Just a few simple tools (like paper, adhesive, and a cutter) can get you start. Show us some of your simple scrap card designs!

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Saturday, August 25, 2018


Thought I would share this paper making project from long ago, and show you what I made with it. When I decided to try making handmade paper, my husband built the drying frames for me from wood and old screens from windows. He is the best! Plus, every time he makes something for me, he gets a new tool, so it works out pretty well. :)

Started with all my scraps from Sunday school, and scrapbooking.

Cut it up and let it soak. 

Goodwill blender worked great for small batches of paper pulp.

Here is a whole tray of watery pulp (many blender containers full).

Here is the pulp draining in the screen. I gently used a sponge to soak up excess water.

These are the first sheets after they were mostly dried.

Tried ironing the next batch to hurry up the drying. 

Got a cool burnt look, but ruined my iron. Bummer! Should have picked up an old iron at Goodwill too!

One side is rougher and darker than the other side. Partly from ironing, and partly from the paper towels they laid on to dry. It gave the sheets some texture.

Second time I tried the process, I saved solid color paper, and blended it in color groups.

I didn't have much green or blue, so I got a mixed piece!

Looks of purple and yellow from old file folders. Apparently using thick cardstock to make paper creates an egg carton like, thick paper! Not sure it will be good for much, but I am learning :)
I just bought a boatload of tissue paper so I can try again. It seems as though the thinnest papers, make the best, most usable handmade sheets of paper.

After I had all this paper made, I had no clue what to do with it all, so I made a junk journal or funky looking scrapbook. The pages are so thick, I had to order special 6" binder rings!

Enjoy your weekend, and go create something! Share what you are working on in the comments! Play along with the #G45JunkJournal Challenge

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Friday, August 24, 2018

What The Junk?

We first heard the expression "What the junk?" from a good friend of ours. She used the term meaning "what the heck?" and it stuck. So, my hubby and I say "What the junk?" all the time now haha

Today, I spent a couple hours trying to keep my mind off my pain, as it was a particularly rough day! G45 is doing a #G45JunkJournal challenge, so I thought I would play along! Sadly, I haven't been able to add many supplies lately with all the accessibility building going on in my home, so my only G45 brand papers are from several years ago.

A Junk Journal is a journal made out of scraps, bits, found and recycled items, and used for journaling, or scrapbooking. I started with what little G45 paper I had, added some other paper scraps, a cheerios and tissue box, a couple envelopes and a brown paper bag. I cut up some cardboard, used some fabric scraps (from my project yesterday), buttons, ribbon, and more!

The journal pages are made with my CitraSolv art pages made long ago from an old National Geographic magazine. If you want to learn more about making CitraSolv art, click here. It is a bit smelly (although non-toxic and just citrus odors) it is best done outside until dry!

I also used some tea and coffee soaked cardstock, from a trial I did a few months back to age paper. It worked ok, but really wrinkled the paper, which isn't the best for making cards. Washi, greeting card, and paint chips round out my list (I am sure I am missing something!)

Here is a look at the start of my project:
CitraSolv Pages.

Cheerios box for a cover, stitched together.

G45 papers added and some raffia tied around the journal.

The finished front cover.

Some other G45 paper pages.

The back cover is from my mosaic company catalog.

Here is a look at some other pages in the journal:

Not sure what I am going to use this for, but maybe I will come up with a plan and share it here later. If not, I can always give it away and let someone else figure out what to do with it! Hahaha

What are you making? Have you every tried making a junk journal?

Until Next Time~